About Us

During a casual conversation among friends the idea came to us that as there were so many talented artists in our area, i.e. Tableview/Milnerton/Blaauwberg, it would be wonderful for everyone to connect in some way. And right there the idea of the Blaauwberg Art Society was born. We hope it will be a case of “from an acorn an oak will grow!” The intention of the society is to create an opportunity for artists in the area to network, and provide opportunities for the following: ⦁ To improve the quality and standard of art in the area; ⦁ To facilitate exposure to other artists ⦁ To create an environment conducive to discussion ⦁ Provide help to those beginning their journey in art ⦁ To Provide opportunities for exposure of the artist’ work by holding regular exhibitions. We will hold monthly meetings which will include demonstrations by well known artists, and talks covering aspects of the art world, such as “the business of art”, techniques, materials and any other subjects of interest to us as practicing artists. (Which we hope will be fun as well as informative!) Monthly outings for those interested in ‘plein air’ painting can be organized as well as painting groups for members who enjoy the stimulation and interaction gained from group activities. It is hoped that with the goodwill and generosity of members we will be able to develop a library of DVD’s and books which will stimulate and extend our horizons artistically. Once the Society is formed, if each member could donate (if willing) either a book or DVD to be held in the library for members we would have the nucleus of a reference library. Sculptors and other artists would be welcome members as well. We anticipate that Membership Fees will be R180 per annum, which is in line with fees charged by other Societies. A number of Members Exhibitions are held at regular intervals during the year. The committee and many of our members volunteer their help in organising our various activities, meetings and exhibitions. We have been able to come to an agreement with an Art Supply shop in the area where Members will be entitled to a special cash discount for art purchases. A very welcome gesture and much appreciated! In our monthly newsletter space will be available for those wishing to advertise art classes, art supplies or indeed anything “arty”. We will also have a Readers Column where members can air their views or contribute to discussions. In fact, we not only welcome members contributions, but consider they will add immensely to the value of the Newsletter. We are all very excited by this new venture and hope that we will stimulate you and your friends to become members and join us on our adventure. Let’s make our Society a vibrant and stimulating forum for us all to grow, improve and spread the excitement, mystery and wonder that is ART. The founders of the Blaauwberg Art Society: Top L to R….. Heather Ward, Jenny Nothard, Lynn Douglass and Glenda Chambers Bottom L to R ….. Coralie Bradburn, Jenny Merritt, Lee Patrick and Cherry Nichols

Meet the Committee